During this long period, while I've been in a night class. I've met so many good people, people who have found the strength to take back their lives. These days I can't really post much due to intensity of my studies, which hopefully are going to end in a month. Then this summer, I'll finally be able to shoot and continue studying my art, until I'll find a work suitable to me.

This is Priestly, a friend who left the class because of the stress caused by his work. He used to wake up early, work until the school schedule, and then go back to work during night, all to support his family here in Italy and also in Nigeria. He is a strong guy and absolutely a good boy. I wanted to take a picture of him studying here, yes the picture is scenic, but I think it expresses his dark life, full of commitments without any moment to relax.

This was also one of my first HDR images, a technique which I love and I'm really interested to deepen. Even now, I'm satisfied for the final result.