School Is In Session! (D&D Sneak Peek)
Hey Rebel Babes!

Here is a little sneak peek of what is dropping on Thursday for D&D babes! It is the last of the set for this theme, Lewd Slytherin Naughty School Girl. 

I must say that I had so much fun doing this set and just with the whole Harry Potter franchise this year, that I have decided to do a themed Harry Potter Christmas at my new place with themed Christmas tree and all! I really hope you guys like this little fun set, as it was fun to make! 

Just a little something for you guys, that wasn't too crazy intense as some of the other stuff I'm working on/doing, but nonetheless, I hope you guys really like the fun, simple, artistic mix in this set. 

Back to video editing for you guys and working on getting this room put together as we have some pretty big tutorials and costumes coming your way for the fall season!!! Heck Ya! Back to Cosplay Stuff!!!

Much Love & Hugs!


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