School is starting up soon, so I'm procrastinating…
As an interactive designer (academically, anyway), I want the Multiplex site to be super awesome and not stupid. That is the number one thing that I've learned as a designer: "Make things less stupid."

I'm teaching a new class this semester, which means more ramping up than in the past two years of the same drawing class (basically once the other Michael Bay comics are done next week). This means that (1) I'll be going into a short quiet period soon, here at Patreon… and (2) I should be working on my new class or my thesis project — but instead I'm putzing around with the code for the Multiplex website!

I'm trying to make the Book pages (i.e.: ) more useful.

Previously, you could only see the date by mousing over the title, which was slow and stupid. I'm probably the only person this has ever annoyed, but now it's just visible and friendlier to mobile.

Since I have the titles for each book (tentatively) figured out now, there are also pages for each PRINT book, i.e. … which might be a little confusing, I'm not sure… But anyway, note the tentative release dates for each book! That's about one every nine months or so (readers, patrons, and backers willing!).

I added book and chapter labels above the strip on the homepage and the archives, to help readers navigate through the archives more easily (and understand that it's actually broken up into more manageable chunks).

I made the Guest Strips page less stupid for when I'm on a tablet and probably other tablet users.

I might have broken things too. I'm sorry if I did. Let me know if you think anything is stupid on the website, because I like to make them less stupid when I can.