Schooling School School
Alright so it was two weeks that I spent on school.

Going forward, anytime that there's a week that I don't get anything done because of school, I'll make sure to put up an update, even if it's literally just the title "school" so people know that I haven't just up and disappeared. 

At last I'm going to properly start working on my kara no kyokai video, and after that I'm really not sure. I've somewhat soured on the idea of doing a destiny 2 video because I don't feel passionate about that game one way or the other. If I do wind up doing a video it'll be about how the game didn't adequately roll out enough content to justify sticking with it. It's sad , because there was a time where I did really really like it, but hey, it is what it is. 

Yeah, nothing really new to say, so thanks for your support, and I WILL see you next week. 

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