School's Starting
Hey Peeps

School's about to start up again. I'm still moving like a glacier, but I've got a new public website going that'll be better than Tumblr --> I haven't quite gotten all the old comics up there yet, but I've got the three pages of "Just Visiting" up. I need to figure out how to fine tune the look of it better but it's acceptable.

Still working on the next comic. Was wanting to have it done before August ended, but haven't been able to afford the paper yet. So I guess tack on another couple of months. On the bright side, I'll be in class again! Which means I'll spend plenty of time drawing comics instead of paying attention. :P

I've got some book marks designed, some other projects planned. I'm delving into some of the Short Stories I wrote for last NaNoWriMo (specifically Faercrow) for upcoming projects. Now I just need to get into the habit of posting more.

Here's to slowly, slowly, making things work out.