Science Hack Day DC
I'm flying back from DC, where I helped out with their first Science Hack Day! That's me in the upper right of the photo, surrounded by an awesome group of multidisciplinary people (archivist, social services manager, game designer, biologist, artists, intelligence analyst, etc) who are brainstorming what messages to send into space aboard a solar sail probe. The team ultimately decided to send DNA into space. This was the 51st Science Hack Day worldwide, and to me, was the kick-off to celebrate the next 50 events. I love sharing these experiences with people around the world and watching as each event sparks a budding science hacker community out of such a diverse range of backgrounds. Thanks to Elizabeth Tyson from The Wilson Center for taking up the lead on making the event happen there. So many of the attendees are already talking about gearing up for next year's event and staying in touch/collaborating in the meantime. I love it. People are awesome. photo by Kennedy Center ArtsEdge
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