Science Lessons
O.K., yesterday we were talking about child development, and today with For Better or Verse; Chapter 24, Hastings 103, we are on the subject of plant propagation.  Can I help it that I find all these odd explorations interesting?  It's perhaps not that surprising that I was the guy who provided an explanation for what it is about "Simulationism" that appeals to people.  Anyway, Lauren spends some time thinking about how the plants got to her island, and it's an important step in her survival, although I don't think she realizes it yet.

And on yet another perhaps scientific subject, the Christian Gamers Guild has reposted Faith and Gaming:  Sex, twenty-ninth in the series, talking about whether such biological interactions ought to be part of our games and if so just where the limits should be.

There are still irons in the fire, but nothing new headed for imminent publication.  Still, there is good stuff ahead.

Oh--and happy Valentine's Day.  I am pretty sure that it was just coincidence that the Sex article appeared on this particular holiday, but then, some of us have trouble believing in coincidence.