Scions of Ranrike cover (textversion)
The central piece of the cover is a young woman with skin the hue of darkest amber. Her brown gaze is raised to the sky and the tip of the sword  her dominant hand holds comfortably. Her hair is braided into a myriad of braids, with tiny locks twirling on her forehead.  The braids are gathered at the top of her head and knotted, and the ends are bleached yellow.

By her feet, two men and one woman are kneeling, with their faces up towards her. The older man has a look of pride, the younger one of apprehension and determination. In the woman's eyes one can read devotion and happiness, and her hands and reached out to smooth out the bottom of her mistress' dark green dress.

The backdrop is a cliff overlooking a river, with trees on either side of the main group, and the full moon hangs above them. It gleams in the runes of the woman's blade.