Scorpio- Zodiac Series

Scorpio has two rulers, Pluto and Mars. We are the only signs in the zodiac with a dual ruler. There are three aspects of a Scorpio archetype, which are represented by three creatures. The first being a scorpion, the second being a snake and the final stage being an eagle. 

The scorpion represents our basic instinctual character, mostly reactionary, think survival mode. Most Scorpios do not play well in the beginning stages of our lives, we are caught between an intense need to understand our emotions and need for solitude in a world that lacks sensitivity. The Scorpio is well known for its sexual exploration. Sex to this sign is VERY important, how we define what is sensual, arousing or attractive has everything to do with removing layers and seeing a soul beneath. We do this by observing our partners orgasms, movements, intent, actions, their need becomes what fuels us. In order for a Scorpio to feel powerful it will first try to take control of its desire and use this to maneuver its world.

The Snake, a second representation of this astrological sign tells us that it lies waiting in the shadows and strikes in a moment of opportunity. A Scorpio at the forefront, is a master manipulator and opportunist. This is not always a bad trait and if used wisely can be beneficial for everyone. 

They say never get on a Scorpios bad side, let me explain why.. 

Loyalty is of the utmost importance to this sign, we value it more than any other aspect or characteristics. We have a hard time trusting anyone, because a Scorpio has an innate ability to read what someone is feeling or thinking, and when the words don't match the actions we question everything until we are satisfied. Trust may take days, weeks or years, depending on the subject of our interest. Once trust is broken, do not expect an un-evolved scorpion to understand why you betrayed them. It will not happen and the longer you are in its presence after the betrayal the more pain you will be in. She has a cruel tongue and stinger to inflict the most brutal attack on your psyche.

The Eagle is what I would like to call the final stage of Scorpios evolution, here she learns the meaning and purpose of her calling, her tongue is no longer a sharp edge, she doesn't spit venom for the sake of poisoning, and now her voice is used to encourage, her wisdom is no longer coveted, her experiences are shared, she's no longer selfish, the sting remains but this time, only if she is deeply broken or harmed by anyone. 

To be with a Scorpio, you must learn compromise, learn to accept this is a sign of leadership, it does not want to be told what to do, or how to feel, accept your Scorpio in all of its darkness and light, let them in your life, open up like a flower and allow your Scorpio to explore each of your petals. This sign wants to go very deep into your consciousness, abandon yourself to your desires and passions and you will catch the heart and soul of this species.

A Scorpio ascended can evolve into the mythical Phoenix. In this stage, she is practically a sage and only pours forth, compassion, love and understanding.

If you are a patron and have questions about this sign or relationship with a Scorpio, please feel free to ask!