Scott Walker, If it's good for the college drop-out...
I wish Scott Walker knew I’ve had beef with him. I’ve been beefing with him online since February of 2011. I’ve had no angry tweets, no veiled threats, not even any battle rap albums where he drops a hot 16 on me. Instead of beefing with me, he’s put Wisconsin on a race to the bottom to make that once great state into a hollowed out shell of its former self. He’s been destroying Wisconsin‘s educational system steadily.

Teachers, to me, are the center of the community. They touch every aspect of life in a town, whether we know it or not. However, Scott Walker, probably because he was kicked out of college under mysterious circumstances. (Perhaps cheating? Which would be sad because he had around a 2.59 GPA. I’ve also heard rumors of election fraud when he ran for student government and perhaps rape. We do know he was a bad boyfriend. However, his records are sealed and he won’t admit why he dropped out of school.)

He began by dismantling the Unions and has pushed for every ALEC approved legislation in the 20 minutes he has actually spent in Wisconsin as Governor. (Since being elected, he’s taken the George W. Bush method of governing, except he isn’t clearing brush, playing golf, or falling off bicycles, he’s been fund raising. Which is probably why the Koch Brothers have endorsed him.

Scott Walker does not care about the people of Wisconsin. They are only a stepping stone to his next job, selling out the American people to become nothing but vassals to the oligarchs he’s served. This corrupt, amoral, charm-free whore has sold out the good people of Wisconsin, used the police state to silence dissent and run away from actual leadership. Anyone who thinks Scott Walker would be a good president is either rich and powerful, a fascist, or an idiot.

Now, this balding waste of flesh is allowing high school drop outs to teach at his decimated schools. He’s slashed pay enough and wasted his state funds on neoliberal educational plans, now he just needs warm bodies to fill the over stuffed classrooms to read lesson plans that makes no sense. This idea has given us things like “The Hare and the Pineapple.” It’s a clever and fun story that would work well as part of a discussion in a language arts class. But not as part of a standardized test because it doesn’t lend itself to absolute answers. There is no way to answer the follow up questions without inserting your opinion. According to the test, there’s such a thing as a right or wrong opinion. Someone with the personality of drying paint like Scott Walker would flourish in an environment such as this. He wants to be told what his opinion is. It would leave my daughter screaming and throwing things.

Which would prove that he’s not smarter than a fifth grader.


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