Scottish Tories will not overtake Labour in Election
John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University,   suggested he did not believe the tories  would beat Labour on May 5.

After gaining less than 2000 votes the last time she stood for election, it will come as a surprise that despite of all labours woes in Scotland, Ruth Davidson's party will not beat Labour to 2nd place.

The pollster  said while he believed the SNP would win at May’s Holyrood election, there remained a “slight” doubt over whether it would be in a position to form a majority government.

“The SNP is going to win,” he told the Sunday Times, “There is at most a slight question as to whether they will absolutely, definitely get an overall majority.”

“The question is how far the Labour party can fall,” he said.

“We’re certainly not talking about a fundamental change in the popularity of the Tories. They are running towards the high end of what they’ve been at since 1977.”

So, its all a question of how far Labour can ruin themselves, and NOT an increase in popularity for Miss Davidson.

Seems Scottish voters are still wary of the Tory party.

D Fraser

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