Scout's Artillery
So in 2015 an old friend from my musician days gave me a slingshot because I was complaining about being harassed on the street a lot, and holy hell shooting slingshot became my life. At the chagrin of my housemates I set up a temporary-turned-annoyingly-permanent shooting range in our hallway, which also became my go-to for entertaining guests, in place of tea and cookies. Last summer I built a little box that automatically separated broken glass from marbles, and now my entire friend group is enthralled in the therapy that is popping bottles — and omg, have we needed that therapy lately. Maintaining a range in the house was tedious, but it felt like a true public service, so I endeavored last year to go big or go home. Last fall I moved my entire workshop into the old Body Appropriate and set to building a permanent slingshot gallery in its place.

Building Scout's Artillery has been a daunting process, and while it took at least 10x longer than I'd hoped, it has been a project that I could really sink my teeth into this past winter. The entire floor is raked, so that marbles drain into a catch for easy collection (importantly leaving behind the broken glass to be swept up); there is a corkscrew elevator that will raise spent marbles up into a marble run for the most streamlined marble recollection; there will be comfortable seating and coffee tables and complimentary eye protection. The Artillery is on the verge of being a fully operational battlestation, awaiting only a few more marble-proof lights, a bit more soundproofing, some safety signage, new sign paint on the front window, and other finishing touches to make it as adorable an experience as possible. But even when it's finished I expect this to be an ongoing project where I can constantly add new kinetic targets, make frivolous additions to the marble run, and build pinatas of our latest political enemies. I very much look forward to posting updates from the Artillery to this Patreon, if there are no objections!

I'm going to post a soft opening very soon, and a grand opening in about a month. If you're in San Francisco in the near future, I do invite you over during visiting hours  — either message me for details or check the brand new facebook page: