Scratch Issue Zero
Here's the first monthly sample edition of Scratch! Please download it and even share it with friends. It's formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper, so you could even print it out and read it in hard copy if that is your desire.

The general design is based on the original "penny dreadful" layouts—the sense of nostalgia seems right and it works well with double column presentations. All the interior work is mine. Kat Klaybourne did the Scratch! logo (having, quite correctly, pointed out that my original iteration was not terribly good). The interior graphics are primarily in the way of logos for stories, but I'm not at all against getting pictures drawn from stories as lead time allows. (That also goes for cover art, though this layout is based on the covers of the old serial magazines that Charles Dickens published.)

I'm sure this project will evolve as we go forward, and your feedback is greatly desired. Feel free to add comments below.

Oh, you'll notice there are two "letters" column features. In one you get to ask me questions, and in the other Doctor Sinisterion will be happy to supply solutions to pesky personal problems. (Think Ann Landers as if written by Jack the Ripper.) If you've got letters and questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments here.

My tentative schedule for beginning the monthly issues is December 1st; with the free monthly issues beginning in November. As you can see here, the more people we have subscribing, the greater the number of words I'll deliver each month.

Thanks for taking a look and supporting this project.