Screen Free Week Adventures~Day One
A Review of Screen Free Week Day One, for Patrons First.  Because you make this quality time possible! Thank you! 

Started out the day making another batch of Thistle Green Lemonade. Finished a new painting, "D.N.R. #Cancer Sucks,"  in between being in awe of the crazy storm that hit .  

Winds coming out of the West (which it almost never does here) brought a sheet of water up against the front of the studio and twisted the top of Melvin right off.  The tree top was turned around and facing in the opposite direction. Missed the car by about four inches. 

This is the 2nd such event this year. The first happened  right after the memorial gathering we had for my sister.  

If you've been following me at all on facebook, you know that I have been battling the dilemma of how to manage these healthy trees that have truly outgrown this residential space. (They were here when I bought the property.) I haven't had the heart to just cut them down. This year, mother nature seems to be making those choices for me and mercifully sparing us harm in the process.


and Sorrowful.

Yesterday, the process to remove Melvin began in earnest. Though I have had some time to prepare for it; I am having a bit of trouble watching the pieces fall and facing the emptiness of the space behind the studio. Once a cozy mini-forest with all the wild weeds and animals that go with it; the space now resembles a yard.  

Between the loss of this huge sheltering presence and the very  business-like trampling of the Wild Weeds I have cultivated here; I have been a bit out of sorts these two days. I am sure there are personal grief parallels happening here. That's a conversation for another day. 

In observance of Lunar Beltane and the New Moon in Scorpio; I am reminding myself that this circumstance  is illuminating the shadow side as the space expands and opens up to allow new growth.  

Still, it doesn't make me miss Melvin any less. There will be future "Tree Project" Art and Posts about how I will pay tribute to the many blessings he bestowed upon us while we shared this space and the many lessons I have learned from the Trees. 

I have also attached a pdf with the Wild Pantry  recipe (adapted from Katrina Blair's original one) for the surprisingly yummy Thistle Green Lemonade that I was fortunate enough to share with Sacred Sisters during our last Creative Wellness Circle. 

I hogged a batch for myself during Screen Free Week. 


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P.S. Screen Free Week Adventures to be continued tomorrow... 

P.P.S.S. In spite of frigid temps in the days between the tree fall and the deliberate removal; I had a chance to sit with Melvin and talk about a few things. He had some ideas about what parts of him would like to remain here. Stay tuned for More  photos and video from this new Tree Project adventure and how it is becoming Art.  

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