Screening and panel discussion of “The Spirit of ’45”
Ken Loach’s ‘The Spirit of 45’ shows how the post-war Attlee government undertook the most extensive and radical overhaul of industry and public services, despite the economy being in dire straits. ‘The Spirit of 45’ legacy lives on in the NHS, but it and many other public services are under attack; the divide between the rich and the rest, has become greater; and the nation’s political and financial power resides again, within a very small circle of decision-makers. So what stands in the way of reviving the ‘common good?’ And how do we pay for it? (Intro) Deborah Burton, Tipping Point Film Fund (Chair) John Hilary, War on Want John Christensen, Tax Justice Network Lord Maurice Glasman (academic, social thinker and Labour life peer) Polly Courtney (author Golden Handcuffs, a biting semi-autobiographical exposé on life in the Square Mile and a regular commentator in the press as well the BBC and Channel 4 News) Chris Ford, Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) Special thanks to Dogwoof and the Barbican. Details, including transcript: 8 June 2013 Tax and the Civilised Society