Screenplay Preview: "PHOTOSHOP: It's Story Time!"
 PHOTOSHOP: It’s Story Time !Screenplay version 1.6

Written by: yashik                             

CAST: Dr.Jones, Mikey, Arnie, Thinker, Photoshop, yashik

Intro: yashik approaching table / detail face /invoke feeling to  start the program / switch: desktop recorded, initialization of photoshop / overlap:logo / open file / brief showcase of structure, mouseover / video scales up and popup pre-recorded welcome message

Yashik: “ahoj ahoj my friend, i'm yashik and today..?, it's story time !  just so you know.. this is photoshop..
but for our needs, it will be sufficient”

Camera back to desktop recording, doing live performance in photoshop, later on cut / edited into segmented animation

Yashik: “Indiana Jones as a Teacher..  and by the way.. 
Every good teacher, at the end.. of his class, should be asking you.. this question…”
“but for now, that's enough... i'm ready.. let's do this…”

Pre-recorded video feed pop-up on screen, ...  -  click here to continue