Screenshot Saturday! An upcoming minigame
Y'know, maybe instead of having just one Patreon post a month, I should actually update you peeps more often. So, here's a GIF showing off the main mechanic of my upcoming minigame! 

News cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles.

After working with PBS Frontline for a while – and they're a great investigative team – I just needed to make a thing to express my/our frustrations with "the media", both traditional and social. So, this game is just me translating bad feedback loops into bad gameplay loops.

Wow, short updates sure are nice for a change.

~ Nicky Case

P.S: some of you may recognize the hopping characters from my old, old, old Flash game, :the game:! Aw yiss, they're making a comeback.

P.P.S: for those of you with the $10+ Drawn Character Reward, if you want, you'll be drawn as one of those hopping peeps above!