Screenshot Saturday: Learning How To Learn
This week, I made two mini-prototypes for my next explorable, on the science of learning! You can see them in the GIF above. (imgur link if you don't see it) The first one is a crappy clone of Flappy Bird/Helicopter Game, because I want to show how learning in games is similar to learning in anything. The second half is a visualization of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theory of Flow, combined with Lev Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development highlighted in yellow. I'll explain this better ( better be better...) when the full thing comes out – hopefully late August!

Other Updates & Behind-The-Scenes:

  • The Explorables Jam starts next week! It's an online hackathon from July 28 to Aug 19.
  • My essay on Humane AI, How To Become A Centaur, won an MIT Competition, and will be published in an open-access MIT Press compilation in 2019! I'm a Real Author™ now, hooray
  • Speaking of writing, I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing short stories. Here's a 6-minute story, my response to the writing prompt: “The dead can still create works of art for the living to enjoy.”
  • And finally, a question for you: what books do you recommend, on writing? I want to improve my writing craft + start a habit of writing for a half hour a day. I've already read Pinker's The Sense of Style and Zinsser's On Writing Well. (although those might be worth re-reading) Any other how-to books you recommend on improving one's writing?

Thanks! <3
~ Nicky Case