Screenshot Saturday: Label your Loops!
LOOPY was almost feature-complete –– you could draw feedback loops, simulate them, share them –– but something was still missing.  Yes, there needed to be a way for a user to add their own commentary, their own personal touch.

That's why, this week, I added the ability to add text labels anywhere in your simulation!  This way, you can better explain the parts of your model, or give a broader context... or just place emojis everywhere.

LABELLING LOOPS [GIF]  (you should also be able to see the GIF above or below, depending on if you're seeing this on Patreon or via email)

Next week, I'll polish up LOOPY, create a website for it, and finish drawing up the Polygon & Custom Character rewards.  (Thanks everyone who sent in their reference pics!  If you pledged $10/mo+ this year, but didn't get an email from me, please let me know!)

And then, some day during the week of March 20th, LOOPY SHALL BE RELEASED!

I'm excited.  Thank you everyone for sticking with me here.  :)


~ Nicky Case

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