#ScreenStudio 2.2.4 is available!
There we go, another release for ScreenStudio.  


- Green Screen support for the webcam

- Custom Screen source

- Minor tweaks and bug fixing.

I've attached a sample of a custom screen source file which will show you how to create your own source display.  Basically, just create a file with the extension ".screen" and set the command line supported for FFMPEG to set the proper input source.

-f FORMAT -framerate 20  i- YOURSOURCE

This is the basic format to enter in a SCREEN file.  ScreenStudio will take care of the output.

AS for Green Screen mode, just open the settings of the webcam, in ScreenStudio and check "Green Screen Mode".  Ensure proper setup to ensure a great result.

If you have any questions, contact me on Twitter: @patrickballeux

To download the latest version: http://screenstudio.crombz.com