Screenwriting Vs. Traditional Writing
I first got into the writing world by writing screenplays but, now I like to mostly focus on books and short stories. I'd like to think that I have a fairly good knowledge of both types of writing and so I thought I'd compare them for you so you can decide what suits you best.

Screenwriting, the art of writing a movie. To be a screenwriter you don't necessarily have to be the best at writing. All you need are good ideas and the knowledge of how to format a film script properly. When writing action for a screenplay you can literally follow a mechanical 'He...Then She...' structure as the only person who needs to be able to read the script are film producers. And when buying a screenplay producers aren't buying the whole script itself, they're only buying the idea of the film. That brings me to my first negative of screenwriting, it is insanely difficult to sell a screenplay. Even if it's the best film ever written it will be very hard to find a film producer willing to buy your script especially if you've got no film experience under your belt. Where as with books there are a number of market places for you to self publish your work. To make your script come to life it needs to me made because 9 times out of 10 just reading it won't do it justice. And that means, if you can't find a producer you're gonna have to make it yourself which will take time, money and resources that you might not have. Where as with a book all you need is pen and paper to bring your world to life. Also, there is the issue of learning to format a script and this can be a tedious task. Almost every tutorial on YouTube tells you something different and so that means you have to watch loads of them to figure out what works best for you. My last point for screenwriting is the money you can earn, you can earn anything from £100 for a short script to £200 000 for a feature film. Although lots of writers write because it's their passion.

Traditional Writing
The best thing about writing a book is that all you need is pen and paper, nothing else. You're able to create an entire world without having to spend any serious money or use many resources but you do need to have a good knowledge of how to write. A good idea just isn't good enough if you can't find the correct way to convey your story. However, you don't need to know an infinity of words, if you're a good story teller then it's perfectly acceptable to use a low level of lexis in your writing. Another great point for traditional writing is that there are a number of stores for you self publish your work meaning that you can get your work out to everyone by yourself. And even if you choose not to self publish, there are loads of book publishing companies out there that you can approach. It is however, hard to market your book if you self publish and will need to build up a following to make sure that it gets read otherwise you won't be making a huge amount of money off of your work. One of the best things I find about traditional writing is the pure passion that goes into it and passion always reflects in the writing.

Personally I don't have a preference, I believe the style of writing all depends on your ideas for example, if I were to write a comedy then I'd write a book but if I wanted to write an action then I'd write a screenplay.