A scribble and a doodle of a story map

So I'm writing a particularly moving-around-heavy portion of a story. 

Nathen saw the stairway down between two stoops going upward.... There was a closed and locked door in front of them.  Nathen glared.  Sure, opening it wouldn’t be hard - but it would be obvious. 
Oh.  The Social one perked up.  Turn.  
Nathen turned to the right.  The door there was almost invisible - no knob, hidden hinges, painted the same color as the wall.  He gave it a careful push. 
The door swung open into a narrow hallway.  He pushed the door shut behind him and whispered a dark-sight Working just as the light from the entryway vanished.  Forward....

...He made his way down stairs that were half-gone...

..."You don’t want to go out the front.  This way.”...
...They were out the back door, up another set of stairs, and into a narrow strip of yard quickly after that.  Their guide took a quick look around and headed straight back, towards the next row of yards.  There was a gap in the fence - the Other mended it behind them - and a narrow alleyway between two buildings. 
They zig-zagged through three more blocks in quick succession, leaving subtle obstructions where they would seem coincidental, until they reached a semi-collapsed row of brownstones.

So, of course, first I had to figure out this weird layout, which I did during a rather long meeting.  

And then, when I started writing them fleeing, well, yes, I Excel'd up a whole set of like 6 city blocks of brownstone-style houses. 

And then I figured out how to draw Nathen's route (and then with Leo) through this neighborhood to the place where they end up. 

Which, no, doesn't have a floor plan yet. 

Red dashed line on the Excel map is their route; grey is roads, green is yard and alleyways, black dotted lines are fences, and house-shapes that are in dashed lines are in a state of broken, half-falling-apart, maybe-a-dragon-landed here. 

Big dragon.  Small Godzilla.  You know. 

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