Scrollplay Extended Interview: JtheExile
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Producers get all of the bonuses that everyone else gets in addition to having their names in the opening and closing credits of our shows. Producers are given Floyd's phone number to text/call any time for any reason. Producers may send any character sheet, short story, project idea or anything else to Floyd at any time and he will read it over and offer honest critique. Additionally, Producers will be interviewed on (at least one) episode of one of our shows.

The Producer may work closely with Floyd and other RPHQ staff in order to help mold this growing community or simply sit back and offer opinions and ideas whenever s/he feels like it.

Finally, Floyd will create an alt on any game to play as someone connected to your character. Perhaps a family member, old friend or nemesis. He will play this character with you at least one time each month. It's like having your own personal pocket RPer!

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