Been working on this for DAYS. 

Turf Tigers are usually very interested in fashion (not all of them, but a lot of them), and I wanted to give Scutjie the same love, to a degree! Her most common attire is her work clothing, as she spends a lot of time on a case. Her casual outfits don't stop at the one I depicted here, but I haven't really thought of others. The Fancy dress at the end of the line also isn't something she'll only wear on special occasions because, in her mind, any occasion where she's not working is a special occasion! Not to mention, it's nice to feel feminine sometimes. (The earrings are clip ons, though)

Personally, my favorite is #6 closely followed by #1. I took a lot of inspiration from traditional and modern African dresses for her fancy outfit, and it was a TON of fun to draw!  

Sharing this with everyone since I plan on putting it all over all my social media anyway. :)