[SE] BDOR Pack SE by Skyrim Modding Team & TAL v1.6


※ 2019.08.06 : Skyrim Modding Team deleted their Patron page. 

This is a special post requested by Skyrim Modding Team, 

- who made this gorgeous SE ported armor pack. :^)

[Skyrim Modding Team's Patreon Page]

  • v1.2 → v1.5 Update Note :
 .fixed Gavi helmet not showing color textures 
.added HDT physics to Goyen Shoes skirt 
.added HDT physics to Shudad Armor & Minor fixes 
.fixed melting Shudad Armor skirt and hands 
.Minor fixes to Shaders & Mesh Fix 
.fixd HDT physics on Clead helmet
.fixd HDT physics on Gavi Shoes Skirt 
.fixd HDT physics on Valoren Armor Skirt 
.fixd HDT physics on Valoren Cape 
.fixd HDT physics on Vespena Armor Skirt 
.Minor fixes on HDT Collision bodys 
.improved HDT physics on some armors xmls files 


  • v1.5 → v1.6 Update Note :  
.fixd HDT physics on xml file for BDO Valkyrie 0003 armor
.fixd Hanbok Outer going invisible when quipped in game 
.fixd Hanbok skirt leg Collision not working properly 
.added HDT physics to BDO Valkyrie 0003 arms
.improved some armors textures & Minor fixes
.improved BDO Ahon Kirus Shaders & lighting propertys
.improved BDO Ignis Shaders & lighting propertys
.improved BDO Sin Terrna Shaders & lighting propertys
.improved BDO Valkyrie 0005 Shaders & lighting propertys
.improved BDO Valoren Shaders & lighting propertys
.improved BDO Vespena Shaders & lighting propertys
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