A Sea Cave Mouth with Corpses
A sneak peak at some content for a future Narrative Encounters™ gamebook. You'll notice a watermark on the image, but watermarks will not appear on the final product. A SEA CAVE MOUTH WITH CORPSES At the far end of the ledge, from the shadows, near the pile of shipwreck, steps a naked sea witch with long, kelp-like hair that hangs down over a scaly, slime-pallid body. Her eyes flash in the direction of the wreckage, and she screams, “Prepare the offering!” She wields a trident, and the tines on the staff crackle, sputter, and hiss as they send arcs of light into the pile. Masts and sails, anchors and planks glow and move, and soon you see the pile is not a jumble at all, but a golem made from the parts of ships: backstays and baggywrinkle, boat-hooks and belaying pins, bailers, blocks, and batten, along with beakhead, bottlescrews, and buntline all come together to form a giant made of wreckage. He swings a cat o’ nine tails made from cables and anchors, and in a voice that fills the cavern, he says, “You will feel the wrath of the captain’s daughter!”