Sea Life Exploration, vocabulary card game PRE-ORDER SALE!
Thank you all for being a huge supporter of my artworks! I have just finished a new project and wanted to offer you the opportunity to purchase at a discount ($12) in the pre-order sale of the Sea Life Exploration, vocabulary card game.

This is a PRE-ORDER sale, available to my friends/family and patrons for a limited time only! Don't hesitate to grab your discounted order here:

I've been excited about this series of paintings i've created for the project as they are inspired by marine conservation and oceanography. As I have been educating myself, I am deeply concerned about the health of our oceans due to pollution, over fishing, and climate change. I feel that these issues are urgent and I wish to educate and inspire the public to act now.

Thats right, I created 15 brand new illustrations!!! 

The deck features (30) 2.5" x 4.5" sized heavy stock linoleum coated cards. Each design comes in a pair to teach both English and Spanish words. Kids and adults can use them as flash cards for learning marine life terminology, as well as, matching the pairs in a "memory" game. They make great gifts!

Painting/illustrations featured on the cards include: sharks, anglerfish, sea anemone, lion fish, and more! Additional info about the deck here: