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Sea Life Exploration - the vocabulary card game!

Finished!!! I am just waiting for a bulk shipment to come in before I start stuffing boxes and filling orders. 

The cards are beautiful. They are filled with vibrant color, children fawn over them and adults rave about the deck! The game Memory, is a classic for a reason because its actually really fun to play as an adult with your partner and a glass of wine...laughter ensues. 

Quality of this product has turned out very well, the cards are linen so you can play at the table without being in danger of spills. Toddlers can slobber all over this deck of fine art cards, while learning about the oceans and Earths gorgeous sea creatures.

Buy a deck today! Shop here ---> Sea Life Exploration: Vocabulary Card Game.

They make great birthday or holiday gifts. A hit for your art collection, game closet, the classroom, or in your travel pack for some on-the-go fun. Learn English and Spanish vocabulary. Let the paintings and information inspire you and your friends to take action in support of protected marine areas for conserving the health of our oceans! 

Thank you to my patrons for your support! I'll be looking forward to your feedback on how you enjoy your decks.