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Sea Monster Tokens

Twenty shiny new tokens, and our first pack of monsters to boot! It's filled with Sahuagin, Kua Toa, cursed pirates, and other terrors of the depths. A great supplement for any DM running Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and a fun resource for everyone else!

Inside the download ZIP you will find all twenty tokens pre-colored as you see above. Worry not if you want pink Sahuagin or a koi-themed Aboleth, though! I am working on the Token Editor – which just needs a few tweaks before it is ready for these plus-sized tokens – and it will be functional before the public release of these tokens on the 18th of June, complete with mobile support ( ! ) and some other handy features.

Now, please continue scrolling, as I have an important question for you regarding the future of our token packs...

Thanks to you, these tokens are released under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license, beginning after the Patreon pre-release.

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