Seahorse pictures and Yule Prank (colored)

The final versions of some of the images I was working on this month have gone up on my deviantArt page. There might be poems or short stories for them later. There is also one other image ready that I will post tomorrow along with a poem.

If you feel moved to share my deviantArt page with others please feel free to do so, just as I hope you would feel free to share my Patreon page with anyone you might feel interested. 

If the inline images do not work then please click the links to see them. I only just found out that supposedly I can do inline images in posts. I also hear that they do not work on mobiles. Edit: It didn't work on my laptop, so I deleted and am reposting as an image post to try it that way.

Courtship: <img src="">  

Amehana's Seahorse Form: <img src="">  

Kirsty's Yule Prank: <img src="">