Seal Woman LIVE - inspired by Inuit legend
On March 25th I was honoured to open the event "Water: What is it good for?" organized by Lady Parul, with my song Seal Woman. Borrowed my friend's iPhone to record the performance and finally got the audio from it. Yay!

The lyrics of this piece are very simple, and it's a slow, meditative, ambient arrangement. The legend which inspired it is the story 'Sealskin, Soulskin' as told in the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The message is - go home to the soul.

It's very rare that I perform this piece live. Although it is one of the simpler Kirrivath tracks, it is still fairly complex, mostly because I can't exactly sing and play panflute at the same time! Also, performing singing bowl and rainstick at the same time is just a little difficult as well. Sometimes I do it in the TTC (subway) with just voice and singing bowl... however for this event I wanted to do it justice.

Using the iPad and two wonderful volunteers, this is a fully improvised LIVE version of the song inspired by Inuit legend.

Vocals, iPad Synthesizers - Chagall Sierra (Kirrivath)
Singing Bowl - Dianne Knight
Rainstick - Himaani
Live Sound - Roger Sader

For my beloved iPad Musicians - the programs used were:
Magellan - Drone in octaves
Ondes - Second drone and Lead
Thumbjam - Panflute

I've run the audio through Reaper DAW and tweaked a couple of things. Enjoy this extremely rare performance!