Sean Takes His Music Journalism to The Next Level With His Poppy Review
We didn't get a reply for a photo pass on this one, but Sean Tingle really stepped up his game as a journalist and wrote a really interesting article that definitely compensated for that! 

Check out our review of the Poppy concert on Valentine's day!: 

I'm kind of dying over here, with a massive cold that started a week and a half ago. I've been working a production gig for the past 3 days in the sun and rain on top of that... tomorrow is the last day and it's going to be 40 degrees out. After working all day today, I spent hours editing the review and preparing the post to the website... I woke up at 7am today, and it's nearly midnight now. I have a killer headache... but overall I am very happy! I have been having a wonderful time! 

I drafted up a post about my new production work before this job started, and I hope to finish that post for you soon. I know I still owe you that 2018 goals post I've promised, but I just am not ready to do it yet. I have to take care of taxes, new gigs, and more! #Priorities

Thanks for waiting!

Katherine Amy Vega

Owner, Manager, Media Artist - Burning Hot Events & Kataklizmic Design