Season 4 Overview
Well, it's better than season four.
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per Review 13 patrons
You get my eternal gratitude, and Patreon should give you an email every time that I upload an Animated Atrocity or Admirable Animation review, whether or not YouTube decides to notify you.
Potato Soup
$2 or more per Review 20 patrons
Your names will be in the credits. This reward will be included for every tier above this one as well.
Arctic Potato
$5 or more per Review 27 patrons
Every six months, I will make a poll for a movie to review. People in this tier are able to vote in the poll. Polling happens in July and January.
Mystic Potato
$35 or more per Review 2 of 10 patrons
You are able to suggest a movie for the patreon poll. If your movie is not selected in a vote, it will continually remain in the selections until it is.
Super Potato
$150 or more per Review 0 patrons
I will watch and give my thoughts in video form on any animated film, or six episodes (of your choosing) of any animated series.
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