Season 5? I Think That's The Arbitrary Season # We're On

Here we go! The next season starts on January 26, 2017. You can tune in live and join the conversation at Our guest will be Jeff Samsonow  and he is not a lumberjack. Stop requesting that we interview a  lumberjack, mom. Samsonow is one half of the talented team behind The Edmontonian Media Co.. We’ll be chatting about their web series, The Underdogs of Comedy . As usual, our show will be at 6pm PDT, 7pm MTN, 8pm CDT, 9pm EDT. 

If you can’t listen live and join the chat room to participate in the  conversation, you have 2 other options. First, you can wait for us to  edit the podcast and upload the 2 episodes to iTunes, Google Play,  Mixcloud, the site or whatever podcast app you use (if you’ve subscribed  to the show). It’s free! Our show will always be free, but we don’t  have a particularly great reputation at getting episodes out quickly.  (It’s a goal for the new year!) Option two is to give a $1 or more to  our Patreon campaign. That will get you access to a raw, unedited,  recording of the show that we’ll post the day after the live show. 

If you won’t be joining us live and you have questions for Jeff Samsonow, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be sure to read your questions on the show. 

We hope to see you in the chat room on the 26th. Thanks for all your support and for forgiving the awkward lumberjack joke.