Season 7 Time Capsule (Part 2)
Join host Neil deGrasse Tyson for Season 7’s final episode as he revisits our fan’s favorite Cosmic Queries shows. Along with Chuck Nice, Eugene Mirman, Iliza Shlesinger, and guests, Neil answers questions about aliens, the multiverse, black holes, war, and more. First up, Neil, Chuck Nice, and Princeton physicist Paul J. Steinhardt explore the theory of the multiverse, quantum foam, and dark matter. Next, you’ll hear Neil and Chuck answer “misfit” questions that don’t fit into any other Cosmic Queries episode, like where Neil gets his famous vests, whether “The Ship of the Imagination” from COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, could actually work, and what aliens would think of humans who eat other animals. Eugene Mirman joins Neil to explore why some black holes seem to be ejecting matter in powerful jets, and the impact of reducing global investments in space-based science. Chuck Nice impersonates JFK, Mayor Quimby, and a TIE fighter from Star Wars while he and Neil discuss whether it was Kennedy’s charisma or the political realities of the cold war with the Soviet Union which launched us to the moon. Next up, Mary Roach returns to the show to help Neil and Chuck answer fan’s questions about the role of class and race in veteran’s health issues, and to tell us why hearing loss is the injury on which the VA spends the most money. Author and skeptic Michael Shermer joins Neil and Eugene to ponder whether aliens would be good or evil, and how we look at that question through the lens of human history filtered by imperialism and colonialism. They also look at the impact of morality on scientific discovery. Finally, listen in as Iliza Shlesinger co-hosts Cosmic Queries for the first time. She and Neil answer questions about flying cars and falling bricks; black holes, escape velocities, and the speed of light; and whether you can smell anything in space.

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