A season for abrogation.

If this spring challenged our beliefs or our understanding of the world, this summer will force us to desert them entirely. The Siberian wildfires are back with a vengeance. A virus spreads inexplicably through a population in exactly the manner viruses have spread for millennia. Police brutality and systemic injustices met public outrage as obligatory as it is remarkable. It has been and will remain, a season for abrogation, there's no reason to stop now.

My post Doña Marina: Ghost of Summer Betrayals investigates the treatment of Malinche in received history. Malinche aided Hernán Cortés, her paramour for lack of a better term, in his capture of what is now Mexico City. She has been widely depicted as a traitor to nearly every ideal possible, but  patrons can read about how recent analysis establishes a counter narrative. And the narrative is a powerful thing to wield.  (Plus, there's death and oppression and it's hot as fuck so it's right on time.) 

Read more about it at the link.

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