The Season For Story Seed Packets
Hello, visitor! Welcome to my Patreon. It's fairly boring out here, just these monthly posts hoping to entice you to support my writing and storytelling. But inside, there are blog sneak peeks, stories only released to my Patrons, and story seed packets.

What are story seed packets? I'm so glad you asked. They're a little bit of inspiration. The Patron packet contains a mini-lesson and exercises written by a former writing teacher and editor (me), resources related to the mini-lesson, and some story seeds to inspire your own storytelling efforts. These can be prompts derived from my own idea generation process or story starters that just never worked out for me. I'm hoping they'll find happy homes with other creators.

I explain because in the next month a more streamlined version, containing only the mini-lesson (without the exercises) and some of the story seeds, will become available on Payhip. (I'm preparing the first batch right now. It's kind of nervewracking because I'm not quite artistic enough to really do the cover images justice.)

You won't have to be a Patron to buy the seed packets on Payhip. You just get a more robust seed packet as a Patron (at the $5 level). And you get to help keep a fellow creator creating. (Sadly, without the support, I'm eventually going to have to stop producing the seed packets, and I really kind of like putting these together.)

If that doesn't interest you at all, well...I tried. Perhaps you'll check out my blog, or some of my work, and change your mind. (Give me a chance. I'm almost not half bad at this stuff.)