(Season Premiere) Episode 32: Peter Piper
 The Hogan and Savage of podcasting are back. We hope you missed us. We are back with the season opener, and of course we talk about what happened during our time off. We talk about Rick Ross vs Birdman (because Nicki vs Remi was sooooo a couple of weeks ago), We talk about the accomplishments of chance the rapper. We have our first Artist Corner as B and Caesar give their thoughts on Panzer Flak and Labrea. We talk Ben Carson's slavery comments , we give our thoughts on Nintendo switch as well as making our predictions for this year's Wrestlemania. We are back and we are no longer going on 2 month hiatuses
Executive Produced by: Mr.B x Fat Caesar
Edited by Mr.B
Gold Bars:
Cool Ty G ft. Lay Low and Pretty Ricky-Our Crazy World
alvie the skywalker ft. Lilly Black and Karma 


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