Season two - In production

As we look forward to the production of season 2, I am reminded by the hundreds of hours it takes to cut one episode. I tremble by the excitement but also hold back the vomit at the same time. The team is looking forward to post production for season 2. We are hoping to deliver around the same timeframe as last year, but this years season is looking crazy different in a good way.   

With already 4 episodes in the bag, we are planning to shoot 2 more. We have added 2 new characters (Stephen & Alec) to the show and are excited to be adding more behind the scenes content to our Patrons. You guys really help with the costs and the production team really thanks you from the bottom of their hearts. 

We have captured some insane storms so far and some very emotional highs and lows. We hope to deliver more exciting content to our fans and capture the amazing stories that unfold. The team will be delivering a lot more to their patrons as we continue this insane ride. Stay tuned for more updates from the team!

If you would like to help out with the production, please sign up to our patron to receive exclusive behind the scenes, live streaming, and in depth content from our very own storm chasers. 

Thank you! 

- Mike creator/producer

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