Seasonal Calendar designs: sketches
A Sketchbook Blog post: a Venturian special

Remember the calendar design thumbs I posted a few weeks ago? These are the same design ideas taken to proper sketch.

The text is placeholder and you can see where I lightly sketched where the seasonal 'D' image will go.

Also, the starting letter of the main words will be larger and have a flag behind it (see the flags on the reverse design for reference). These will be placed over the design on the left. I thought about drawing them in place but by making this design separate will give me flexibility if I want to alter positions and sizes of the text, or if I want to use the borderwork design somewhere else in the future.

Speaking of the future, I am designing the calendar to be for 2017 so you guys can use it, if digitally, next year (from March). Thus, it matters not that I am working on the Blossoming design in this the Season of Whispering Grasses (summer to you and me).

Spot the LaFae :)