Seasonal Occasions Mod

I will be adding more to this mod and I will be changing a few names to make this mod as compatible as possible with the game as everyone wants, so please don't hesitate to write all the ideas that you want to have in your game!

Hello Simmers,

This mod is about season activities, wedding decisions, and more such as Christmas, Halloween, easter...

So this mod contains:

  • Autumn Interactions
  • Winter Interactions
  • Spring Interactions
  • Summer,
  • & Wedding Plans Interactions

1- Autumn Interactions:
This pie menu will appear to teens

This will appear to the kids

(more moodlets in-game)

2- Winter Interactions:
This will appear to an adult sim:

This will appear to kids:

Some moodlets: (more in-game)

3- Spring Interactions:

This for Teens:

This for Kids:

The "Talk About The Beautiful Weather" will only appear when the weather is warm or hot during Spring

4- Summer Interactions:

Here are a few moodlets: (more in-game)

5- Wedding Plans Interactions:
So this pie menu will only show up to your sims when they are engaged

Some moodlets: (more in-game) There's so much variation for each interaction in almost all of this mod:


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