Seasons and Rejuvenation, Making it Happen.
Seasons are deeply purposeful. The planet uses them to rest and restore and we as well need to remember there are seasons to our life, to our days even.


You all know I have issues with rest and play, and yet, I know that taking the time to rejuvenate is crucial, especially the older you get. I think that's the worst part so far about getting older, is when the body argues over things that once it never noticed.

Remember to honor yourself today.

Remember to show yourself the love you so freely dish out on everybody else.

Today, yes, a Monday, I pray you opportunities to rest, to sit and simply be. I pray you take the time you need to balance yourself, to amuse yourself.

Emergencies, truly are rare. YOU need to come first, not when you have a chance because the chance isn't likely to show up on its own.

How's your food plan for today? When was the last time you just kicked back and watched a movie or read a book? Yes it's a Monday, many of us want to go into it full steam ahead, but draw a hard stop line somewhere and make the rest of the day be about you. Indulge in something.

Today is a great day to make a commitment to yourself, to self-love, to that which created you, not to work all the time, but to rejoice in the beauty and the experiences all around you. We must find time for the richness of this life and we must take it. Because truly, it's gone way too quickly and there are no guarantees it will come around again.

Whatever you are putting off, whatever you are feeling passionate towards, but think it's indulgent, or not possible... I ask you to rethink it. Listen to your guides, angels, your own soul... is it really something that's not possible, or is it something you think is too indulgent, something you think you're supposed to deny yourself?

Let's revolutionize our lives, and by doing so, the world. There's so much talk in the spiritual world about raising the vibration, we do that simply by raising it in our own lives.

Today's a fantastic day to to make a fresh start, a new commitment. See the life you truly want, and take it. I wholeheartedly believe in you.

Much love and many blessings, and may today be a great Monday.