Seasons - Reactions and Run Inside

Seasons is the most annoying EP since The Sims 2 in my opinion... and while testing the new EP I got finally fed up with it, so I removed a couple of things that I find just annoying:

The tense buff for blizzards and thunderstorms (left only the sad one  for toddlers, I may give it back to children in a future update)

The autonomous Run Inside

Every single stupid reaction to weather, including the First Snow, Rain Start and the Route Events (the stupid animations they do at random while walking)

Because I hate this kind of shit, is annoying, and disturbs my gameplay... I don't think it's cute or funny at all.

Behave like normal people do!

This doesn't affect pets.

Only children and occasionally teens react to weather. Elders will only react annoyed or neutral to rain, teen and children react to first snow. Only children have the tense buff and only children and toddlers are pushed to run inside. Hopefully this will make children feel more like children (since they don't, if adults behave like children)


11/27 removed the tense buff for adults when inside, too. Sims will now be less likely to go outside on bad weather days.