Seasons Calendar concept work
A Sketchbook Blog Post

The above design is for a Venturian project: a seasonal calendar.

The Dragonetti were born of leaf and wind and expanding this to seasons and flowers is an easy step and this is what the calendar will be this year, an entry for each season in the valleys.

I may use designs on cards etc on, say, Redbubble, but Venturians will get access to the digital calendar for nowt.

I've started with The Frosting (winter) as it is still winter and some of you are able to see snow out your window (alas, not I).

Multiple Projects

By working on a few product designs, skipping from one to the next and back again, I am able to refine ideas, such as that of the borderwork designs, so that these designs will be consistent across the boards.

When the basics have been finalised then I expect to settle into a more sequential, one product at a time approach.

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