Season's Mist (Full Download)
As my most imperfect debut album, Season's Mist, by Colony.

An alternative piece from all difference genres. An episodic tale of my own sorrows and peace. Through the marigold of a winter's hold, you'll listen and you will weep... either from how beautiful the lyrics are or because some are pretty off-beat... in any way, this album is 100% FREE!!!

Just press the download button! That's it... oh, and if you'd want to hear more, donate to my Patreon for even more music.

If you stay a Patron that donates $5 or more monthly, you'll automatically get my next ablum free upon release... provided you are still donating by that time, but I don't know what time that'll be. So, it's time I take my leave. If you love my music, this whole album is available to stream on YouTube.

YouTube Album Link: 

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I hope you all have some form of inspiration from my music... because thousands of songs inspired me to make this. I want to say thank you for everything you guys have helped me with- mainly my sanity!

We will make a flower grown future, instead of that horrible wasteland of decay!