Seattle, and a SUPER DIGNIFIED birthday.
Wednesday I arrived at my NEW HOME in the Seattle area, and promptly spent a day assembling my desk so that I could actually use my computer and start doing work again.  (When I say "spent a day," I mean "vaguely supervising my mother as she does all the work, because no one trusts me with a hammer even when I'm not this tired.")  Then I slept.  Then I slept a LOT.

Now I am awake.

Yesterday was Thomas's sixth birthday, which is super-exciting if you're me, and utterly irrelevant if you're Thomas, as cats do not care much about birthdays.  They do care about pets and snuggles, and he got plenty of those.  Alas, he did not get the lovely new cat bed that someone bought me as a housewarming present: Lizzy has claimed it with an absolute iron will, and barely budges for mealtimes.  He'll have to settle for sleeping on my face.

(I have saved all the little slips from the housewarming gifts people have sent me, for which I am incredibly grateful, and once I figure out how to match the "gift from..." slips up with the items, I will send as many thank-you notes as I have email addresses for.  But this is one of the long list of tasks for Future Me.  Present me is still trying to find the silverware.)

The book tour went wonderfully, and it was swell to meet all those of you who were able to come out.  Next up is San Diego Comic-Con--next week!--and then several weeks of being safely at home, where I can make word count, unpack, and fulfill more Patreon rewards.

I can't wait.

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