The second.
I had already post the firts chapter the my story in others sites so I decide that you would get a especial two for one today, though don't get use to it Xp

Chapter 2:

Years in the past.

Why do humans create thing?

“Well? What do you think William?”

“They’re truly magnificent, sir! You could change the world with this invention!”

It’s for survival? To express themselves? To leave a mark in the world?

“Change the world? Now, that may be a little too much, but I agree this ‘animatronic’ will cause a big change, just imagine William, workers that don’t need to eat, to sleep, to take a break, just work, work and more work.”

“But Sir here are already many machines that do that, and for what I’m seeing, much more easy to make”

They createbig things, little things, simple things, very complicate things. They create solutions to problems that don’t exist, they even create problems just to find a solution to them.

“True, true, but my animatronics will be more advance that any ‘machine’ that will ever exist, anything that a human worker can do they will be able to do better!”

“That’s incredible sir! Simply incredible! You are really a genius Mister Cawthon.”

They spend so much time in finding new ways to create things that they never stop to considerer if maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake.

The present.

“DIE!” Your fist moves fast through the air punchingthe fox monster right in the face, immediately separating it from its body and sending it flying. With that you have destroy 9 of these beast, and they just keep coming.

“They will never stop now.”

After you destroy the first one you were suddenly attacked by two other animatronics, both were foxes just like the last one and the only difference between them were their color.

“Now that they know that you are a threat, they will hunt you down.”

You were surprise by a second –and a little scare honestly- but managed to fight back in time, avoiding any serious damage. You decided that maybe following them to their origin could let you to a way to stopping them permanently, isn’t like they could defeat you, but it was beginning to become annoying.

“It could beworse child, you could be dead.”

But no everything were back news, after fighting those things you remember something more! Sadly it was nothing about you or yourfamily but about ‘them’.

Those were ‘Park Guards’ animatronics, they were supposed to protect natural reserves, taking care of humans breaking laws in them or helping them if they were in trouble. But then… what were they doing there? And why they were attacking you?

That wasn’t the only thing that you remember, you remember other animatronics, doing other thing, helping in hospitals, fixing cars, caching criminals… serving in parties. You don’t remember why, but those monsters were everywhere and nobody care! They acted like it was the more natural thing in the world! Then… why? Why do you hate those things so much?

“You don’t remember child, but you will, and hopefully will understand.”

You were walking down the hall -and getting closer towhere those things were coming from… maybe- when you see something that call your attention, a mirror. Without your memories this was the first time that you have seen yourself, talk without doubt –you don’t remember your age but you know that you should be smaller- pale almost white skin, a gentle face, soft and smooth looking with green eyes and dark hair –that you still couldn’t see very well in this dark so its true color was a mystery to you- this face… it makes you sad, you don’t why, you don’t remember why, but you begin to cry.

“Such a sad little girl, don’t worry it will be over soon.”

It’s been a few… hours? Minutes? You don’t know, but you eventually stop crying, you don’t know if you should be glad of worried about the fact that no monster tried to attack you for so long.

Getting up from the floor –you don’t remember when you fall to your knees- you begin to walk again, maybe getting back your memory isn’t such a good idea if here’s so much sadness in them… no, you want to remember, your family, your life, you want it back, no matter how much it hurts.

You were so distracted with your thoughts that you end accidently tripping with something in the floor falling hard on your face.


Luckily the fall didn’t hurt that much, when you begin to rise you notice something under you, here was something slightly black and sticky… was it, blood?!

“What the hell!” You immediately stand up and follow the trail of blood with your eyes… Now you know what trip you, a corpse.

A real human corpse, you want to cry, you want to yell, you want to stop looking at it… you can’t. Its head is mangle, like something has taken a bite from it –you can make a guess of who did it- him… or her, were using a lab coat so they wereworkers of this place without doubt, and their flesh, it was rotting but, it didn’t smell? That was weird, it should be stinking in here, but you couldn’t smell anything.

Actually now that you think about it, you haven’t smell anything since you wake up… Forget about it, you will worry about that when here isn’t a dead body in the room with you.

Now that you had calm down a little from the… body, you notice that it was just in front of a door with words “Activation Room 14” at the side; well it seems that you found from where the fox abominations come from, that didn’t make you feel better.

Taking a big breath you slowly walk to the door –and around the body- and open it.

The room was dark, very dark, the only thing that you could see was a monitor, a conveyor bell that lead to another room and a metal bed, and some other dead bodies near the wall –you do your best to ignore them- the monitor suddenly turn on with the words ‘Activating Unit Model F Number1983’ the conveyor then begin to move, on top of it was a fox animatronic, the abomination is move to the metal bed and some wires automatically connect from the foxhead to the monitor, where a loading bar seems to have appear.

It was obvious what was going to happen next, so you begin to move right to the monitor, maybe if you destroy it you could stop the animatronics from activating, but just before you reach it you note somethingin side of the room, eyes seven pair of eyes, seven fox monster.

They were waiting for you, the damn things were waiting for you! That’s why they weren’t attacking! Before you could do anything, all of them rush at you sending you to the ground –again- biting, scratching, hitting.

Everything hurt, all you could feel was pain, and them here was only black.

"Such a silly child, now sleep, sleep and never wake up again."

Years in the past.

This was the best birthday party ever! Here were all your friends, and the gifs and the food, and of course the animatronic! She was so pretty! And it looked so much like a real human! In fact... in kind of remind you of your sister.

“Hey Lucy don’t you think that Lily looks a little like you?” You asked to your sister, who of course was in the process of eating her third slice of cake, for someone so thin she sure eats a lot.

“Hmmm? You think so?” Was the answer of you sister after she swallow the food the she had in her mouth.

“Yeah a little, hey we should talk to her!” You say exited, Lily was a very advance animatronic, she could talk with humans and all! Sure the answers were short but it was amazing anyway.

 “I don’t know, you know that those things scare me a little,” The trepidation was obvious in her voice.

“Awwwww, comeon, for me?” You usually didn’t force your sister to do things that she didn’t like, but today was different! It was your birthday after all!

For a second you thought that she wouldn’t accept but in the end you notice the little nodand the “Ok.” come from her mouth, you hug her with all your strength.

“Yay! Bestbirthday ever!”