Second Batch of CDs going out at the weekend! (Saturday, August 9th)
Holy moly! I have...about...48 CDs going out this month to my wonderful Patrons all around the world! Very excited! As a reference for you, the CDs I am sending out are to: ASHLEY C AUSTIN G ANDREW L ANTHONY N ALEX J BRENDAN BRAD K BRIAN M CHAD N CHAD CAITLYN DAN N DAVID S ERIC R GREG B ILLANDRIA & LOGAN IVAN N IVAN L JOSH D JOSHUA JENS JENS A JORDAN B JACOB B JUSTIN R KAT S KATRINA K KNUT M LAURA C MITCHELL B MARCUS J MAXSIM K NATHALIE NANANEA ONDREJ RYAN C ROCHELLE D SALLY & TAMARA J SEAN C SOFFRITTI T SIMON H STUART D TORBEN THORSTEN K THOMAS H TURELMUSIC ULRIK J VICTOR L WOLFGANG F Completed last month were (sent on 09/08/2014): Alek K, Benjamin R, Christopher P, Dimitri E, Gigi, Gabriel L, Hussein M, Johannes S, James B, Jani N, Kalandum, Katrina K, Lofi, Maxion, Panda, Rowan, Stephen B, Stephen, Stefan R, Steve H. If any of you from last month are still waiting on your CD please let me know via a Patreon message! Thanks xx
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