The second biggest purchase in our life

First, the big news

So, on September 30th my partner and I made the second biggest purchase of our life. We dropped the cash for our studio to be built!

It will be a 2 story affair. It's a barn 2 story building like the one in the pic, but obviously ours will be different. It will be 18 x 28. Steven will have the bottom floor for his studio (he paints miniatures, makes terrain, and does tabletop war gaming among other gaming genres) and the bathroom we will have installed, and I will have the second floor! 

We are having somebody coming to level part of our backyard, but he is behind schedule because of the tornado that hit us recently. Then in 2-4 weeks they will come and build the building in less than a day!

After that we will need to get it wired, plumbed, walls finished, floors covered, ect ect ect. By the end of the year it should be totally fully functional. 

If interested, I have a pinterest boards for ideas inside the building - 

 Home: Backyard Building  & Home: Studio 

Second, what I've been busy doing

Because October is the month of spookies, and I myself am strange and spooky, I've picked up over 8 events to create for in second life for the month. 75% of them were the first two weeks of the month. Whew! I am so pooped!

That and the daily skulls have kept me beyond busy. Whew!

If you would like to see what I've been up to, you can check the FB page for my main store ( *paper moon* ) or my flickr stream ( Sohma G. Dawling on Flickr)

Third, this month's rewards!

Ready for rewards? Starting tomorrow I will be sending them out. Really excited to see what you enjoy. So stoked!

About wallpaper sizes, what would you prefer?


While working, I have things playing on Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/Amazon. It helps me focus. I know that sounds strange to some people, but a semi distraction helps me focus more. Because it's October, my favorite Let's Players do their annual marathon of them playing  scary games everyday. I don't know what it is... but I love hearing grown men scream in fear while playing games. Makes me feel so good.

Do you enjoy watching Let's Plays? If so, what of and who are yoru favorite channels?

Always excited to watch play thrus of horror games. Yay! I love you, October!