A Second Channel for Easy Allies Plays
Hi everyone, Bloodworth here.

One of the first things we committed to with Easy Allies is a consistent streaming schedule, but of course one of the challenges of streaming is that there are always people who can't make it, no matter what time you choose. To add further difficulty, many of  our international viewers reported that they couldn't watch Twitch archives, and as a result were missing out on a huge portion of our content. 

To make it simpler for everyone who wanted to keep up we began exporting streams to YouTube under the banner of Easy Allies Plays. However, producing those archives to satisfy some fans has alienated others. In the two short weeks since we've started, the amount of content has already become somewhat overwhelming. Few viewers could hope to keep up with hours of gameplay, and some simply aren't interested to begin with. Plus, among all the daily streams, it was already becoming hard to spot new shows when they were released. 

So while we originally intended to keep all of our content on one channel, we've decided that it's in everyone's best interest to introduce a second channel for Easy Allies Plays. This way, if you need to catch up on our regularly scheduled streams, there's still a dedicated way to do so, but subscribers to the main channel who watched live or don't care will be able to keep track of shows more effectively. Hopefully this will be the best of both worlds for everyone. We welcome your feedback below.